The world is turning its gaze towards sustainable solutions and the appeal towards green hydrogen is taking centre stage.

The country has a focus of becoming energy independent by 2047 and achieving net zero emissions by 2070.

Net zero emissions is basically achieving a balance between greenhouse gas that is emitted into the atmosphere and emissions that are taken out of the atmosphere.

You see, green hydrogen is a highly versatile energy carrier and it can be produced sustainably through renewable sources which will not emit any greenhouse gases. Moreover, it can be used as a fuel to generate electricity and power vehicles.


1. Thermax

Just like Adani, the energy leader, Thermax joined hands with an Australian company called Fortescue Future Industries (FFI).

Together, both the companies are planning to establish fully integrated green hydrogen projects for commercial and industrial customers in India.

This green hydrogen can be used in refineries, fertilisers and steel industries.


2. L&T

In August 2023, the engineering major L&T announced that it had along with IOC and ReNew formed a company called GH4India Private. Each company has a 33.3% stake in GH4India.

Together, they will invest up to US$ 4 bn in their green hydrogen businesses over the next three to five years.

Apart from this, the company is working on setting up the world’s largest green hydrogen plant being built by a Saudi based green hydrogen company – NEOM Green.



NTPC is the largest power generation company in India and it has also forayed into the green hydrogen business by setting up three pilot projects.

First, is a pilot project of blending green hydrogen and natural gas in Gujarat.

Second pilot project is of setting up a green hydrogen filling station along with solar plants in Leh.

Third, is a pilot project focused on producing hydrogen while simultaneously capturing carbon, in Madhya Pradesh.


4. Reliance

Reliance is currently a major producer of grey hydrogen. However, the company has a vision to shift towards green hydrogen and aims to provide it at the lowest cost by 2025.

Additionally, by the year 2025, Reliance plans to establish a solar energy generation capacity of 20 gigawatts (GW) and this entire capacity will be dedicated to the production of green hydrogen.

In August 2023, the company secured a 74,750 hectare land parcel in Gujarat on a 40-year lease for its green hydrogen project.

Reliance is also actively advancing its efforts in creating the Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy Giga Complex. This complex spans over 5,000 acres in Jamnagar.

The complex aims to develop photovoltaic panels, green hydrogen production, energy storage solutions and fuel cell systems.

5. Indian Oil Corporation

IOC is a leading refining company dependent on fossil fuels to generate revenues. But, the company is looking to change with time.

It is currently working on a decarbonisation drive with a view to replace at least a tenth of its current fossil-fuel-based hydrogen with carbon free green hydrogen.



Back in May 2023, GAIL was in the process of setting up a Green Hydrogen electrolyser plant at Vijaypur with a production capacity of 4.3 tonnes daily. This setup was expected to complete in 2023 itself.

Additionally, GAIL is conducting experimental blending of hydrogen with natural gas in Indore as part of its city gas distribution (CGD) network to assess its viability.

The company is also conducting joint studies with Engineers India Limited (EIL) and IIT Kanpur to explore further blending of hydrogen with natural gas.


7. Jindal Steel

Last year, Jindal Steel announced its plans to set up India’s first green hydrogen plant installed by a stainless steel company.

They have also teamed up with Hygenco India and together they aim to establish a Green Hydrogen Plant.

This initiative is expected to lead to a substantial reduction in the company’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, amounting to nearly 2,700 metric tons per annum.


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