Ola Electric’s upcoming IPO is a significant event in India’s EV landscape, sparking both excitement and curiosity. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know:


  • Founded in 2017 by Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric has become India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, capturing 32% market share.
  • In December 2023, they filed their DRHP with SEBI, paving the way for the first major EV IPO in India.
  • The IPO aims to raise ₹5,500 crore through a fresh issue and offer for sale (OFS) by existing investors like SoftBank and Bhavish Aggarwal himself.

Key Aspects:

  • Valuation: Ola Electric is aiming for a valuation of $7-8 billion, reflecting investor optimism in its growth potential.
  • Financial Performance: While revenue has surged in FY23, the company still operates at a loss, a concern for some investors.
  • Market Outlook: The Indian EV market is expected to grow exponentially, fueled by government policies and rising demand for sustainable transportation.
  • Risks & Challenges: Limited operating history, competition from established players, and dependence on battery supply chain are potential hurdles.

Benefits of Investing:

  • First-mover advantage: Ola Electric’s early entry into the public market could attract substantial interest.
  • Market leader: Their strong market position and brand recognition offer a competitive edge.
  • Growth potential: The burgeoning EV market promises significant growth opportunities for Ola Electric.

Things to Consider:

  • Profitability: Ola Electric’s current losses and dependence on external funding might deter some investors.
  • Valuation: The targeted valuation might appear high given the company’s financial standing.
  • Market volatility: The Indian stock market can be unpredictable, introducing additional risk.

Remember: Investing in an IPO involves inherent risks. Carefully research and analyze Ola Electric’s financials, market outlook, and potential challenges before making any investment decisions.


  • The exact IPO dates and price band are yet to be announced, likely occurring in early 2024.
  • Consider your risk tolerance and financial goals before investing.
  • Seek professional advice from a financial advisor if needed.

I hope this detailed overview provides a clear understanding of Ola Electric’s IPO and helps you make informed investment decisions.