Investing in Small Cap stocks is risky and high profitable than investing in large companies. Diversify risk of investing in small cap stocks by investing is fundamentally strong companies who have good past and bright future. Also by diversify into different different sectors and other safe investment options like Gold, Silver, US Stocks, Real Estate, Bonds, Mutual Funds and many other excluding Fixed Deposits.

Small Cap companies means companies who have market cap of less than rs. 5000 crores.


Here are top 10 small-cap Companies for 2024:

1. Greenpanel Industries

Greenpanel Industries Ltd. engages in the manufacture of wood panel. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana and currently employs 1,891 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2019-10-23. The firm is primarily engaged in manufacturing of plywood, plain and pre-laminated medium density fiberboards (MDF) boards and allied products. The company also produces doors and veneers to service domestic and international customers. The Company’s products categories include club grade, medium density fiberboard, flooring, plywood and blockboard, veneers and doors. The firm operates through two segments: Plywood and allied products and Medium density fibreboards and allied products. The Company’s plywood and blockboard products include Greenpanel Club Plywood, Greenpanel Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Plywood, Greenpanel Moisture Resistant (MR) Plywood, Greenpanel Gold BWP Plywood, Greenpanel Accurate Plywood, GPRO 710 plywood, Greenpanel BWP Blockboard, Greenpanel MR Blockboard and Greenpanel Accurate Plywood, among others.

2. Pricol

Pricol Ltd. is a holding company, which engages in the manufacture and sale of instrument clusters and other allied automobile components to original equipment manufacturers and replacement markets. The company is headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and currently employs 1,055 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2017-02-10. The firm carries out its business and operations in driver information systems and connected vehicle solutions, and actuation, control, fluid management systems catering to automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in two/three-wheeler, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, farm equipment and offroad vehicles across India and in international markets with approximately 2000 product variants. The firm primarily operates in the automotive segment. The automotive segment is engaged in the manufacturing and trading of automotive components. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling of instrument clusters and other allied automobile components to OEMs and replacement markets. The firm has eight manufacturing facilities across Coimbatore, Manesar, Pantnagar, Pune, Satara and Sri city in India and one manufacturing plant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

3. Banco Products (India)

Banco Products (India) Ltd. engages in the design, manufacture, and supply of engine cooling modules for automotive and industrial applications. The company is headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat and currently employs 655 full-time employees. Its engine cooling systems include radiators, charged air coolers, oil coolers- transmission and hydraulic, fuel coolers, battery coolers, inverter coolers, in aluminum and copper/brass configurations and accessories expansion tanks, fan motor assembly, fan shroud and guard and miscellaneous mounting and plumbing accessories. Its engine sealing systems include engine cylinder head and peripheral gaskets, heat shields and industrial gaskets with a material range and sizes for applications of sealing. Its range of materials includes multi-layered steel (MLS), graphite composite gaskets, steel fiber composite gaskets, compressed fiber jointing sheet gaskets, rubber cork gaskets, rubber pre-coated beaded gaskets, edge molded gaskets and copper gaskets. Its subsidiaries include Banco Gaskets (India) Limited and Nederlands Radiateuren Fabriek B.V.

4. Fineotex Chemical

Fineotex Chemical Ltd. engages in the manufacture of chemicals for textiles, construction, water-treatment, fertilizer, leather and paint industry. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently employs 103 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2011-03-11. Its product categories include textile chemicals, oil and gas, and cleaning and hygiene. The company manufactures specialty textile chemicals for the entire value chain for the textile industry, including pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing processes. Its water-based drilling fluid chemicals include clay/ shale inhibitors, lubricant, specialty chemicals, spotting fluid and loss circulation additive. Its oil-based drilling fluid chemicals include specialty oil-based drilling fluid chemicals. Its cleaning and hygiene product categories include disinfection, housekeeping, kitchen care and laundry. Its main products include finishing textiles processing chemicals, printing textiles processing chemicals and dyeing textiles processing chemicals. The company supplies textile chemicals and specialty chemicals to approximately 69 countries.

5. Borosil

Borosil Renewables Ltd. engages in manufacturing and sale of solar glass. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently employs 719 full-time employees. Its products, such as Selene, is an anti-glare solar glass suitable for PV installations near airports and Shakti, is a solar glass in matt-matt finish, low iron textured solar glass, 2 mm fully tempered solar glass, Nosbera, antimony-free solar glass, solar glass with anti-reflective coating, and solar glass with anti-soiling coating. The company also manufactures specialty glasses. The Company, through its brand BOROSIL, manufactures a range of lab ware, scientific ware, and consumer ware products. Its present solar glass manufacturing capacity is 450 tons per day (TPD). The firm’s subsidiaries include Geosphere Glassworks GmbH, Laxman AG, GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH, and Interfloat Corporation.

6. Stylam Industries

Stylam Industries Ltd. engages in the manufacturing of pressure plain and decorative laminates for home and office purpose. The company is headquartered in Chandigarh, Chandigarh and currently employs 1,142 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2000-11-13. The Company’s products include high-pressure laminates, performance laminates (HPL), specialty laminates, exclusive surfaces, acrylic solid surfaces and compact laminates. Its high-pressure decorative laminates are available in a range of colors in Solids and Woodgrains designs, many evergreen and new texture finishes. Its performance laminates products include electrostatic dissipative laminates (ESD), chemical resistant laminates and fire retardant laminates. Its specialty laminates products include digital laminates, synchro laminates, mirror shield laminates, metallic laminates, Unicore laminates, flicker laminates, chalk and marker boards and magnetic laminates. Its exclusive surface products include anti-fingerprint laminates, high gloss laminates, anti-fingerprint prelam boards and high gloss prelam boards.

7. Mold-Tek Packaging

Mold Tek Packaging Ltd. engages in the manufacture of plastic packaging containers. The company is headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana and currently employs 627 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2015-02-23. The firm is engaged in the manufacturing of injection molded containers for lubes, paints, food, and other products. The company operates through the packaging containers segment. The Company’s products include paint packaging, lubricant packs, food containers, bulk packaging, and dispenser pumps & sanitizer containers. The company also offers in-mould labelling (IML) decoration and also has a heat transfer label (HTL) as well as silk screen printing. The firm offers lube containers with tamperproof flexi spouts for easy pouring and usage. The company also provides bulk containers for bulk drugs, chemicals, and food. Its products also include paint pails, lubricants, twist lock packs, peanut butter packs, restaurant packs and ice cream packs. The firm is also engaged in importing and supplying pumps for various sanitizers, hand wash, soap manufacturing companies, and others. Its wholly owned subsidiary is Mold-Tek Packaging FZE, UAE.

8. Paras Defence

Paras Defence & Space Technologies Ltd. engages in the designing, developing, manufacturing, and testing of a wide range of defence and space engineering products and solutions. The company is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and currently employs 404 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2021-10-01. The firm operates through two segments: Optics and Optronic Systems, and Defence Engineering. The Optics and Optronic Systems segment includes optical components and sub-systems like space optics/gratings/mirrors, infra-red lenses for night vision devices, optomechanical assemblies and precision diamond turned components, opto-electronic systems comprising submarine periscope, hyperspectral cameras. Defence Electronics comprises defense automation and control systems, rugged command and control consoles, and an avionic suite. The company also includes heavy engineering, which comprises flow-formed rockets/ missile motor tubes, electromechanical assemblies, remote controlled border defense system and turnkey projects.

9. PSP Projects

PSP Projects Ltd. engages in the provision of construction services. The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and currently employs 1,836 full-time employees. The company went IPO on 2017-05-29. The firm offers a diversified range of construction and allied services across industrial, institutional, government, and residential projects in India. The company provides services across the construction value chain, ranging from planning and design to building and post-construction activities, including mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work and other interior fit-outs. Its industrial projects involve the construction of industrial buildings for manufacturing and processing facilities, food processing plants, pharmaceutical and engineering units. Its institutional projects construct buildings for hospitals, healthcare facilities, malls, hotels and corporate offices. The company has also designed and built residential cum-commercial buildings under the Mukhya Mantri GRUH Yojana. Its residential projects include the construction of private residential buildings for group housing, townships, and independent homes.

10. Fiem Industries

Fiem Industries Ltd. is a holding company, which engages in the manufacture and supply of automotive components. The company employs 2,478 full-time employees The company went IPO on 2006-10-18. The firm manufactures automotive lighting and signaling equipment, rear-view mirror, prismatic mirror, plastic molded parts, bank angle sensor, canister and sheet metal components for motorized vehicles, and light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires comprising of indoor and outdoor lighting, display panels and integrated passenger information system. Its products include headlamps, tail lamps, other lamps, pistons, rings, engine valves, fuel pumps, carburetor, starter motor, generators, ignition system, spark plug, steering gears and systems, clutch plates, discs, axle assembly and wheels, leaf springs, shock, absorbers, brake assembly and facing, wiping systems, electric horns, dashboard instruments, sheet metal parts, pressure discs, castings and glass rubber. The firm operates approximately nine manufacturing facilities.


This all Stocks are profitable with continues growth of Profits and Revenue, Low Debt, High ROI, High Promoter Holdings.
Disclaimer: This stocks are recommended by my analysis, it’s your responsibility to analyse stocks before investing recommended by me or any one on Internet.